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Step 1: Choose your size

Step 2: Choose your skate!

Crazy Rockets


– True Performance Beginner/Entry Level Skates
– ABEC 3 Full Precision Bearings
– 60x37mm Signature Quality Urethane Wheels with Speed Hub
– Lined Boot with Comfort Padded Collar – Very Comfortable!
– Urethane Toe Stopper, not Plastic

J12 – 5

Crazy Flash


– Motion Activated LED Light Up Sole and Lightning Bolt (Black) or Heart (Pink) on Skate Boot
– Replaceable Battery
– Padded Hi-Top Sneaker Style Boot
– ABEC 3 Precision Speed Bearings
– Signature 60x37mm Speed Hub Wheels
– Two-Tone Black & White Laces (Black Flash)
– Two-Tone Pink & Purple Laces (Pink Flash)
– Urethane Toe Stop – Not Plastic

Black: J12 – 5
Pink: J12 – 5

Crazy Disco


– Classic “High White” Retro Boot Styling
– 5 x LED Light-Up Disco Star on each Skate (Pink,Blue,Green,Purple,White) with 500+ hours Battery Life (Motion Activated)
– Rainbow Glitter Laces
– 58x32mm Glitter Urethane Wheels
– ABEC 7 Full Precision Bearings
– Glitter Urethane Toe Stopper, not Plastic

J13 – 8

Crazy Disco Glam


– Glamorous Glitter Sparkle Boots
– Retro Style, High Cut Boot with Rolled Collar
– Glitter Urethane Wheels for Indoor and Outdoor Use
– Glitter Sparkle Laces
– ABEC 7 Precision Speed Bearings
– Glitter Urethane Toe Stop
– Metal Alloy Plate & Trucks

J13 – 8

Crazy Celebrity Art


– Galaxy Plate
– Boost Adjustable Toe Stop
– Signature 60x32mm Wheels
– New Classic Style Boot with two tone outsole
–  ABEC 3 Bearings
–  Padded Style Boot with Support

1 – 7

Retro Skate Bags


These great non-woven skate bags are the perfect way to carry your skates to and from your skating adventures. It doesn’t matter if you love to inline skate or roller skating both fit in the bag.



Grab yourself a Crazy Wheel Bag and keep your wheels together in one place! Holds 8 Wheels